Catch Of The Day SOS - The Incredible Kitchen Mega Pack Only $9.95 + $7.95 Shipping

23 May 2010

3 great kitchen items selling below cost!

7 piece green knife set Stylish colour and a trendy look for any kitchen, these knives come in a handy block to keep them sharp!

52 piece container set Plenty of containers to store all your leftovers and lunches. With this set youll never be without a container again, and your pantry and fridge will be organised and tidy at last.

Microwave Bacon Tray have your bacon and eat it too. Delicious crispy bacon with way less fat and calories. Cooked in the microwave, the special tray allows the fat and grease to drain away, cooking your bacon perfectly so you get all of the taste, but much less of the fat!

For only $9.95, were actually selling this box BELOW COST. This means zero profit for us, but thats just how bad we want the space! Please take them off our hands its a great deal for you, and a great deal for us.


* 7 piece green knife set
* 52 piece container set
* Microwave bacon tray
* Great value at below cost!

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  • lisss
    I can see why they need to sell below cost: -Ugliest knife set I've ever seen -Microwave bacon tray could win a prize for being the most useless kitchen gadget! Microwave containers are always handy though... Not a bad deal if you don't care what your knives look like!

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