Catch Of The Day's Launches - $11 Flat Rate Delivery

22 September 2011 has arrived! For 48 hours every Wednesday at midday through to Friday, you can save an average of 50% off your normal grocery bill right here! To kick start our highly anticipated launch were pulling out all the stops and jumping in with a bang - scroll down and youll see over 200 items from the biggest and best brands at prices only Grocery Run can offer. With our excellent $11 flat rate delivery fee combined with deals like these, its easy to stock up and save, so lets go!

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  • Keeys
    I would like this BUT .... Given it says you can log in with your COTD log in and they are owned and run by same people I was most peeved yesterday when I spent ages picking out a few $100 of stuff only to find they don't take paypal :( What a waste of my time and yes maybe I should have checked but as I say I assumed given same same it would be the same payment methods :(

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