Catch Of The Day- 42 Piece Philips Battery Family Pack $9.95+ $6.95 shipping

With Christmas right around the corner, every home will need spare batteries for all the gadgets and presents under the Christmas tree. We always run out of batteries at the worst time possible and chances are the next time you need them, you'll pay full retail pricing and wish you caught this pack! Expect to pay well over $60 for this pack in stores for cheap imitation brands, today you get Philips. As usual, there is a limited quantity available at this price, do not delay!

* Philips Battery Family Pack
* 24 x AA Batteries
* 12 x AAA Batteries
* 2 x C
* 2 x D
* 2 x 9V
* Zinc Carbon technology

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  • golfwidow
    Thanks Kazy. A great way to be prepared for Xmas day but with 2 x C and D I find most kids toys use 4 of these sizes. Also on the site it says it has the $10 shipping cap so buy as many as you want for $10 shipping (for 2+ orders).

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