Canon PGI-5BK ink cartridges for $5 at Consumtech - SAVE $12 each

13 April 2008

While checking out the pricing at Road Mogul for the free shipping offer they have this month I came across this site.
They have the Canon PGI-5BK listed for $5 each while the next cheapest was $17.90. The small catch is that these cartridges don't come with a chip which means that you need to keep the one from your current cartridge. You will receive instructions with these cartridges explaining how you attach the new chip.

Which in my way of thinking is a small inconvenience for saving $12.90 a cartridge.
Consumtech have a really good deal on shipping too - $10 for under under 50 items and free for over 50.

I have never done this with my ink cartridges and it would be great to hear from someone that has any experience in this field

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  • nod
    ]PC World An interesting article on the cost of ink :D
  • admin EDITOR
    Classic - I had no idea you could just get a chip for the cartridge .....
  • nod
    They don't seem to have any prices for the chips though
  • admin EDITOR
    Be interesting to know whether anyone's had any success with chipping one of these.
  • spodosaurus
    These are NOT Canon brand - "canon compatible"
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - good point ......
  • samia786
    I've been using the black (and color ) canon compatible inks from DealsSpot (with bucky cashback) for quite a while now and am very happy with the quaility (and price!). Plus u can always find free shipping or 20% coupon around for them as well. And they come with chips so no messy fixes.

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