Buy your Greenslip through (QBE) and they dontate $5 to charity

4 October 2009

Got a flyer with this info on it, I checked it out and they are a apart of QBE, the price of the greenslips appears to be the same as QBE but they dontate $5 to a charity ( they have 5 you can choose from). Seems like a good idea, doesnt cost you anything extra and its better giving something to a worthy cause for something that you have to buy anyway

Heres the info from the site:

All Charities need a helping hand...

Help us help them by purchasing one of our competitive greenslips.

By purchasing a greenslip through Greenslips 4 Charity, a charity of your choice* will receive a $5 donation from us at no extra cost to you.

The charities that you can choose from are:

Cancer Council NSW
CARE Australia
Oxfam Australia
Save the Children
The Fred Hollows Foundation

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  • fairybelle
    RSPCA have it advertised on their twitter page RSPCA NSW (RSPCANSW) on Twitter Is ur car Greenslip up for renewal? Try Greenslips4Charity! Select @] RSPCANSW & $5 will be donated to us! ] ] #charity]8:32 PM Sep 29th from ]TweetDeck
  • nod
    I like the idea of donating to charity
    CTP Insurance provides protection for an at fault owner or driver of a motor vehicle against their liability for another persons death or injury. The cover provided is unlimited, but compensation is capped by legislation in some categories. Our insurer offers competitively priced CTP insurance to private individuals, government bodies and businesses with any size of vehicle fleet, in New South Wales
    Looks like it might be NSW only though?
  • fairybelle
    Yeah i think CTP is just NSW? Correct me if Im wrong though
  • golfwidow
    Im in NSW and have to buy a CTP then pay for registration. Is this not the same in other states?
  • mouldgirl
    Im in NSW and have to buy a CTP then pay for registration. Is this not the same in other states?
    I thought we all needed it

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