Buy the March issue of Australian Good Taste Magazine and get a free whiteboard and pen

2 April 2008

If you buy the March Issue of Australian Good Taste Magazine, you can get a free Whiteboard and pen.
(Whiteboard is about an A4 size and has a small good taste logo on the top. The pen has a little whiteboard eraser on the end)

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  • geo78
    the link shouldn't be: ? and is the March issue still available in April?
  • photographyisart
    it was when i went to the supermarket yesterday
  • golfwidow
    Try the recipe on the front cover. It is so so good. I have my whiteboard near bin so when i finish something and throw it out i write it on the board for next shopping trip :)
  • craftykiwi
    Yes, the March issue was still available at my store too. Maybe they are a bit behind or next issue comes out well into the month.

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