Buy a Women's Weekly @ Woolworths/Safeway & get a free sample bag! Offer on again!!

4 March 2008

Buy the March issue of the Australian Women's Weekly at Safeway or Woolworths this month and receive a free sample goodie bag.

Whilst stocks last.

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  • nod
    From memory the sample bag that they offered last time was pretty good. Any details of the contents Photo?
  • MamaK
    I saw it today and can't remember what was in it. Nothing I wanted obviously or I would have bought it LOL Seemed like good value though
  • craftykiwi
    Saw this on offer again with this week's Woman's Day. The usual Cocoa Butter sample, but also included a block of chocolate, large bottle of French Vinagrette, curry dinner base sachet, and some type of washing powder sample, amongst other things.

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