Buy 5 toners get a Wii @ Officeworks or possibly elsewhere

18 October 2007

I'll put this up here because if there's anyone here who buys office supplies for work - it could be a sweetner.

There's a few different twists to this so read on.

Its a promotion run by HP (see below for the promo link). If you buy 5 of any of the valid toner catridges they'll give you a Wii, alternatively if you buy 15 of them you can get a 22" screen or a presario 710TU. You can also take $100 or $350 cashback respectively as an alternative but I reckon the goodies are more appealing.

Being run by HP it means that the promo is most likely on offer at ANY of their authorised distributors not just office works. I havent been able to find out definitively whether thats the case but you could always just call them if you wanted an answer.

Now the toners arent cheap - so no... its not a cheap way to get a Wii but I've only checked one of the eligible models.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Terms and conditions and eligible models. 1. Purchase from our range of 99 specially marked original HP Toner Cartridges listed below, and redeem between 01 October – 31 January 2008: C4149A C4150A C4151A C4152A C4191A C4192A C4193A C4194A C8550A C8551A C8552A C8553A C9700A C9701A C9702A C9703A C9720A C9721A C9722A C9723A C9730A C9731A C9732A C9733A Q2670A Q2671A Q2672A Q2673A Q2681A Q2682A Q2683A Q3960A Q3961A Q3962A Q3963A Q3971A Q3972A Q3973A Q6000A Q6001A Q6002A Q6003A 92274A 92275A 92291A 92295A 92298A 92298X C3900A C3903A C3903F C3906A C3906F C3909A C3909X C4092A C4096A C4127A C4127X C4129X C4182X C7115A C7115X C8061A C8061X C8543X Q1338A Q1339A Q2610A Q2612A Q2613A Q2613X Q2624A Q5942A Q5942X Q5945A Q5949A Q5949X Q6511A Q6511X Q5950A Q5951A Q5952A Q5953A Q6460A Q6461A Q6462A Q6463A Q7560A Q7561A Q7562A Q7563A Q7581A Q7582A Q7583A Q6470A Q6471A Q6472A Q6473A 2. ]Visit and follow the prompts to promotions for Toner. 3. Register your details and enter your special promotional code (located on the sticker on the outside of the Toner box) 4. For further enquiries please contact 1800 004 700 Terms and Conditions 1.Full terms and conditions available at ] and follow the prompts to promotions for toner. 2. Entries must be received between 01/10/07 – 31/01/08. 3. Limit of 5 prize claims per customer. ©2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
  • nelly
    Will tell hubby to see if he can wrangle this through work. Thanx for the deal Admin What are the prices like on the cartridges, compared to other places I mean? I am sure that is what he will ask me when I tell him about this offer :D
  • lilpretzel
    Looks like admin goes to the naughty corner :whistling: :whistling:
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - oooops. Jeeze - I'll be out of a job soon.
  • nod
    Naughty corner hey?? :D We need to keep an eye on you Admin
  • nod
    Love the little dupe policeman icon Lilpretzel
  • Emma EDITOR
    LOL @ Dupe police!

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