Buy 2 or more tyres from Kmart and get a Tyrelife Saver card

25 November 2010

There's a little bit of marketing fluff in this as its pretty unlikely that your tyres are going to last through to the 50,000 km limit on this promo.

The offer from Kmart is that if you buy two or more tyres from them they will give you a Tyrelife Saver card which entitles you to standard wheel balancing, rotation and pressure check (?) every 10,000 km up to a max of 50,000. Its not a bad offer in that dodgy wheel balance and pressure will reduce the life of your tyres pretty dramatically. Only problem is that you need to drive them 10,000 km before your entitled to the offer.

Still - if your buying tyres and kmart is a potential option price wise make sure you take up the card. Not sure when the offer ends so I'll make it end of Dec.

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