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20 November 2012

This evening, Buckscoop is going to change dramatically. We are splitting the cashback site out from the deals forum. This will leave Qwibble to focus on cashback and Buckscoop to focus on vouchers and deals. We welcome you to tell us your thoughts about the changes just look for this message in the Buckscoop blog and submit a comment.

On Buckscoop we will be increasing the volume of content across vouchers, deals and freebies. Its staying the same member focused deals community as its always been though, we're not changing that bit. We are also adding a more comprehensive deals blog. The blog will contain in-depth moderated content around major deals / consumer areas for example Tuesdays Click Frenzy, Australia's version of Black Friday.

On Qwibble we would like to introduce you to Peter Wakim who joined our team after helping build the UKs largest cashback website. Like a lot of Aussies, Pete did a 6 month tour in Europe and 13 years later decided to come back home...so we nabbed him. Pete and his team will be knocking on the door of all our merchants trying to find awesome promotions for you, like the $52 cash back on an Amayasim unlimited contract deal or the $100 cash back plus $50 EFTPOS card deal for Vodafone. Pete is slightly masochistic, a bargain junkie and loves a challenge.

Onto the nuts and bolts.

What about my Buckscoop cashback account?
Everything about your current Buckscoop account will just transfer over to Qwibble. This includes all transactions, your setting,.. everything. The only change you'll notice is when payments are made they will come from Qwibble and not Buckscoop. When making any new transactions use Qwibble in the same way you did Buckscoop. Use your existing details to login, click the link that sends you to the merchant and make a purchase. If you are not sure how things work, you can always look at the help section in Qwibble.

Are we selling up?
Nope. Easy to answer. The two sites amalgamated were confusing and in many respects dealt with two entirely separate things.

And my membership details.
We will be carrying your existing Buckscoop membership across both sites. You obviously need it to use Qwibble and get cashback. On Buckscoop its more for convenience and so that you don't need to create a new user for posting, commenting or setting preferences.

Closing your account.
We obviously don't want you to close it but if you would like it closed then please send an email requesting your account be closed to closemyaccount@buckscoop.com or closemyaccount@qwibble.com. You MUST send your Buckscoop user name, which is in the email for us to be able to tell who you are and close your account.

Finally, there is no need to be greedyyou can share us with your friends and let them know what a great service we provide. Dont forget, the more people using the site the better deals we can get.

We look forward to helping you Qwibble more while paying less.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Check back tomorrow morning to see the changes. And please make sure you comment in this same thread on qwibble. We want to know your thoughts.

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