Buckscoop Cashback Increase to $100 - Approved St.George Credit Card Applications

15 January 2010

St.George have increased their cashback to $100 for each approved Vertigo or Platinum Credit Card.

Some differences between the 2 cards depending on your needs.

Both offer up to 55 days interest free on purchases and Platinum has some insurance offers while Vertigo has lower annual fees.
Platinum has ***% p.a rate on purchases and Vertigo has ***% p.a. rate on purchases and both have ***% p.a rate for cash advance.

Factor in the $55 annual fee for Vertigo or $89 for the Platinum Card and you still end up in front with the Buckscoop cashback :)

*** Please note that rates do change as do the annual fees. You must read the current information on the St.George site

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  • AussieMarkMelb
    Great deal. I noticed the link takes us to Vertigo credit card, will it track if people get platinum? ** Ah I noticed although the first page mentions vertigo, once you start the application you can choose which credit card you are applying for.**
  • BuckscoopBetty
    Hi AussieMarkMelb, the link seems to be working fine now to take you to the general credit card page. Please remember this offer is only for Vertigo and Platinum :)
  • nod
    This offer is still available and we can also now offer and increased Buckscoop cashback rate for a few of other St.George applications :)
  • Nikki2502
    Don't even bother as you wont get the cashback and St George don't investigate transaction queries. I applied wholly online through Buckscoop and was approved in a matter of days for the credit card. I then find that the $100 cashback was declined with no reason and no ability to enquire why.

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