Bosch 18 Volt Drill

22 October 2008

G'day all

I have bought a few cheap drills that keep failing on me and so I decided to buy a real one. This drill had far better specs than others, even the Makita and it was cheaper. Overseas these drills have a "professional use" warranty period of 3 years and this drill has some ability to withstand some drop test of two meters without any ill effects.

Online I could not find a price below $430. (Plus delivery)

Anyways... I found this wonderful Impact Drill the other day at Bunnings.

BOSCH 13mm 18V Cordless Hammer Drill
(GSB18VE-2) BOSCH 13mm 18V Cordless Hammer Drill
Item #: GSB18VE-2

It comes with two batteries 2.6 Ah and it delivers 70 Nm of torque. (Twice the other "Handyman Drill" that was beside it for the same price.)

This deal may end sooner than listed. Get in fast before the price rises.

Sorry no online link :-(


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  • queenshrew
    Thanks Beagly...! Interesting that it can't be found cheaper online...! Wonder if Bunnings priced it incorrectly :D Will ask hubby if he wants a new drill... lol
  • Beagly
    G'day I have had a good look around online and I cannot find it under about $419, Plus delivery. One store has it listed at over $700! :whistling: I was very surprised to say the least as I was not in a position to shop around for this drill as I could not get back to bunnings. I had to believe the sales guy at Bunnings and I was stunned to say the least when I got online and found out the price. I also sent a thankyou to the salesman via the Bunnings site to the salesman :) It is rare for a salesperson to actually tell you the truth it seems these days. The drill seems to be extremely robust, but it is a little on the heavy side, but you would have to expect this in the professional range. :D cya

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