Borders fire sale at closing stores.

8 April 2011

Might be worth a look if your walking past. They're closing Chatswood, Hornsby, Macquarie, Paramatta, Kotara, Tuggerah and Macarthur.

Somewhere between 20 and 40% off but the closer to closing the more likely they'll drop prices to cost to move the stock. Check on at the store the actual close date.

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  • ninkasi
    Was in the city (Melb) today and asked at the Borders there if they would price match the ']Where is the green sheep' book (my kids love it, and our copy has gone missing) that was being sold in BigW next door for half their sticker price. Nope. Not even a small discount. Can understand why there simply isn't a place for a bricks and mortar place like Borders any more. A specialist bookshop, yes. A huge Amazon like online warehouse, yes. A huge bookshop that doesn't really provide any advantage other than being physically big and perhaps being able to get a coffee.... no. Sad, and I feel for the people who work(ed) there, but time to move on....
  • ninkasi
    Oh, and in case anyone wants one, you can get the board version delivered for $6.90 from ]bookdepository. (]$14.95 at Borders....)

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