Bing Lee Online Photo Centre - 40% Off 8x11" Hard Cover Personalised Photo Books

9 December 2009

Saw this was cheaper than Big W. May be a good idea for Christmas gift.

8x11" Hard Cover Personalised Photo Books

Here's a way to gather your photos and display them in one place. A photo book is beautiful and it's a great way to display your treasured memories. It's easy to design your own soft cover, hard cover or even a personalised cover photo book!

Take your book with you to show family and friends, or leave it on your coffee table. It's about you and your favourite photos - ready to share.

Personalise the outside of your Photo Book cover with your own photos and embellishments. Making it the perfect beginning to your story. You'll be delighted and amazed as you turn each page and your story unfolds with brilliant colour and style. A special book that you will proudly share and cherish forever more.

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  • golfwidow
    Great! Thanks footy. Sent some Rep your way :)

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