BigW: NEW EVERYDAY Lower Prices - Quilton toilet paper 18pk ($7.48), Fluffy fabric softener etc.

25 September 2011

I just saw this today, and am stoked!

18 rolls of Quilton 3 ply toilet paper for $7.48, and that is the EVERYDAY price. It works out to 42c per roll. And I am a fan of Quilton toilet paper!

Definitely purchasing my toilet paper from there from now on
(Unless there's a good sale on that offers anything cheaper than 42c per roll).

Another great buy is the Fluffy fabric softener. I have been buying from Big W as their price is fantastic for the 5 litre bottle, but now the price is even lower and better at $7.96, and yes that is also an EVERYDAY price!

Just thought I would notify everyone about this.

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