BigW 8c off a litre starts tomorrow for 7 days. ($35 spend) NO FUEL LIMIT

24 September 2008

Often they limit you to 30l or something but can't find anything about that in the catalogue. Direct link has all the information.
Spend $30 in one transaction at Big4 get 4c off voucher then send another $5 at Caltex and you get another 4c off voucher. Easy to do

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  • queenshrew
    Ooh excellent! Thanks Wheadle :D Hot from moi!
  • wheadle
  • admin EDITOR
    Hot from me wheadle. I see oil spiked again the other day.
  • melissanj
    im so glad my car is on gas :p
  • craftykiwi
    Not worth it for me - can't usually spend $5 in store as most of the things I'd buy at a petrol station store are cheaper elsewhere. Only usually pick up the newspaper. And to spend $5 to save an extra $1 - $2 for my tank which is what 4c off equates to do doesn't make much sense.
  • tlaing
    Isn't this deal always on? Save an additional 4c if you spend $5 instore?? I'd agree with craftykiwi, unless you can find $5 worth of stuff to buy in store that you either need or isn't way overpriced the additional savings aren't likely worth it (unless you have some huge 100L tank to fill, in which case you'd be saving $4 so spending $5 on overpriced stuff might be of value)
  • queenshrew
    I believe it's available with Coles/Shell too! We buy our milk and bread from there :D
  • nlafanclub
    im so glad my car is on gas :p
    Yes to that - and I would like to add: I'm so glad I drive a company vehicle (or I definitely wouldn't be doing no shopping online - even with buckscoop :eek: )
  • queenshrew
    Or you can be like me and sell your car and get a taxi whenever you need to go somewhere :p It actually works out cheaper having just one car between us and one of us catching a taxi if both of us need it at once -than having 2 cars! Although.. It's usually me catching the taxi though haha bah! As I don't drive very far nor often anyway, it does work out cheaper since we no longer have to pay for 1 lot of car registration nor car servicing! I'm the type of person who's only driven 38,000 km after owning her car for 8+ years :p

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