Big W - One day sale Nov 14th 2009 - $1 thongs (the ones for your feet!) + Many more items

9 November 2009

Big W are having a 1 Day Sale on Nov 14th 2009.
Items include Mens, Ladies and kids thongs $1
Coca- Cola 24x375ml $12
Unlocked Nokia 1209 $39
Sanyo 32" (80cm) LCD TV (HD Tuner) $596
AWA High Def Set top box $78.
195cm Albany Christmas tree $24.98.
Cocoa Belgian 200g 5 for $5
Girls and boys tees or shorts (00-2) $4
Womens tees, tanks and shortd (8-16) $4
Mens tees and tanks (s-xxl) (3xl - 7xl)$4
There are a few more sale items, but these seem to be the best deals.

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  • nod
    The Nokia 1209 is an ok buy for a basic phone. $50 odd online that I can see
    Key Features * Access phone features quickly and conveniently with One Touch shortcut keys for SMS messaging, calendar, contacts, loudspeaker, and flashlight * View wallpapers, screensavers, games, and phone menus on the vibrant colour display screen which supports up to 65,536 colours * Personalize your phone with MP3-grade or 32-voice polyphonic ringtones * Extend your talk time. Use the power saver mode to help conserve power when your phone is idle * Control your talk time. Time Tracker allows you to pre-set call times and disconnects calls when the pre-set time is up * Manage your calling costs. Cost Tracker* lets you pre-set the cost limit for calls * Monitor your pre-paid balance. With Pre-paid Tracker* you can view your pre-paid account balance information whenever you need * Get the right sound for any environment with adjustable ringtone and call volume * Keep your phone clean with the dust-resistant keypad Network * No SIM Lock * 2G/GSM : Compatible * 3G : Not Compatible * Next G : Not Compatible
    Got the above info off ShoppingSquare - they had them for $59 - currently out of Stock The ]Samsung E2510 @ Coles might be a better deal
  • thanratt
    Had to laugh at the thread title 'Big W: One day sale Nov 14th 2009 $1 thongs (the ones for your feet!) + Many more items' Reminds me of when my neice came over from the UK for a holiday and saw a dresscode sign in a pub 'no thongs, or singlets allowed', she had a vision that someone was going to come around and do a ping test to ensure no one was flouting the dress code - hilarious. Great deal Normie, thanks!
  • frogduck
    Also, if you just wanted a usb flash drive for storage they have the 4gb for $10 which is good price if you don't need a really fast one :)
  • ntowill
    A few other of the good deal are: Huggies jumbo nappies - $29.98 per box PS2 console - $98 Cocoa Belgian Chocolate (200g) - 5 for $5 (save $9.90) Digital prints - $0.10 each (normally $0.15) Is available in store and online. :w00t:
  • kazyazy
    I was at Big w today and everybody was going crazy for the coke and nappies and filling their trolleys...I didn't see any of the $1 thongs and I forgot to look for the chocolates lol.
  • kermi
    saw the thongs... didn't need any. :p Was greatful I don't use disposable nappies... nearly couldn't walk past the bbq at $146 with hood... but then I reminded myself I'm vego.....:whistling:

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