Big W - FREE DELIVERY SITEWIDE when you spend $150 or more ONLINE 16-19 Aug

18 August 2012

Spend $150 or more on the Big W site between Thursday August 16 & Sunday August 19 for free delivery, anywhere in Australia*. Everything on the site is included TVs, strollers, carseats, whatever you need, get it delivered free.

Buy one large item or lots of small ones. Order something youve wanted for a while or stock up on your favourites & home essentials - all with the ease & convenience of free home delivery. Plus, online layby can be combined with this offer.

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  • Keeys
    I can't get the delivery to be free :( I have alot of items in my cart showing $8.00 right upto the final page before payment :( I've had similar issues with the spend $50 free postage offer and ended up not ordering. Should I order pay the $8.00 delivery than email them with a question as to why charged and ask for a refund/credit of that $8.00?
  • Keeys
    Turns out it doesn't like firefox! Lesson learnt ;)
  • queenshrew
    I stopped using firefox awhile back. I use chrome now. A lot more reliable. I also use IE for pages that don't like chrome.... I found firefox too buggy for my liking as it kept crashing :( But at least you got your order in finally :) (I hope!)

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