Betterworld Books - 5 used bargain bin books for $15usd + 10% off + $3.97 postage

28 January 2010

$3.97 Worldwide Postage

There is also a 12% off code listed but I am not sure if it is still valid. The 10% off CIRCLEK code definitely works.

**Please note use of code may void Buckscoop Cashback - Golfwidow**

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  • Cropsy
    Unless Better World has had a change of policy the $3.97 charge is per book rather than per order. So shipping would be $19.85.
  • admin EDITOR
    Yea - I looked at getting books off betterworld not that long ago and the only ones that made sense vs other bookstores were the bargain basement books. The per book postage charge kills them.

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