Better home loan PLUS $27 OR a $500 fuel voucher from Aussie Mortgage

5 September 2008

This an interesting offer at a time when the cost of home loans has certainly had an impact on a lot of families ... I have certainly seen my mortgage repayments jump over the last few months ... though we now have talk of a few rate cuts in the pipeline .. anyway.. Aussie Mortgage are offering customers a $500 fuel voucher if they can't get you a better home loan than your current one.
There are of course a few criteria you need to meet to qualify but should not be too hard.
Thought I would post this up more out of interest than it being a hot deal. But worth considering if you were in the market for refinancing

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  • ethanwhite
    The information that you provided seems really attractive. Still there are lots of other things which should be considered before taking loan. Say consulting an advisor will be really helpful then to consider in this way. Another is there are lots of other firm providing lending facilities.

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