Bath Towels - 4 Pack $19.99

5 April 2008

4 Bath Towels for $19.99 at Target (save $20.00).

New. 4 pack. 68 x 132cm. Tangerine, blue, aqua, grass, sun, chocolate and linen.

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  • nod
    I wonder if these are the cheapie towels that have that shiny feel to them. You know the ones that move the water around rather than dry you off :D Hate those kind of towels
  • craftykiwi
    Yes, I hate those too. Target usually are pretty good with quality but have yet to check them out.
  • nod
    They are not that big either but ok for the kids if the quality is there :)
  • craftykiwi
    They have bigger towels on sale too if you need them (I think they are 50% off as well).
  • Keeys
    We buy our towels from Lowes of all places the bath sheets are huge quality is good, price is great. We find one set of bathsheets being continually used (washed every couple of days) lasts aprox 2 yrs or until I'm sick of the colour. I still have some that are 8rs old nothing wrong with them as such just a little faded and a few pulls in the fabric but you'd never guess their age.
  • geo78
    how much is the price @ Lowes?
  • Gallifrey
    this size we call "short arse" towels, like the 4 pack pillows the other day, good for visitors! they may have the big fluffy ones too, I could pick them up for me while I am buying the visitors towels LOL ;-)
  • craftykiwi
    I am a 'short arse' Gallifrey so no doubt good for me as well as the visitors. Don't mind being the shortest in the family, especially when people think I'm a lot younger than what I am, except when I can't reach things in high places.

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