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31 May 2008

Become a Member today and save even more with Member Email Offers.

You'll receive special offers redeemable in stores and online -- including money-saving coupons in

The Membership fee is $25 per year.
Membership expires 12 months after purchase on the last day of the calendar month in which it was purchased.

* An additional 10% off purchases at Barnes & Noble Bookstores and at Barnes & (*
* Exclusive Member-only offers and discounts

*If I join today, will I receive my discount on today's purchase?
Yes, you receive your discount immediately.

*Is this discount added to the discount already existing on bestsellers and sale items?
Yes. For example, a store book discounted 20% off of list price to all customers will be sold at an additional 10% discount to Barnes & Noble Members.
The Member discount will be applied after all other discounts and deductions have been applied to the purchase.
However, the Member discount cannot be combined with any other group or organizational discount (e.g., Student Advantage, corporate discounts, etc.).

*Do I need to have an account if I have a Membership?
Yes. Barnes & Noble Members must have an account in order to receive Membership discounts.

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  • nod
    I think if you buy a lot of books, dvds or even kids stuff really then it is worth the membership. They have some really good prices on some items I guess the rule of thumb would be that if you will expect an extra 10% above everyone else minimum to cover your costs then you would need to spend over $250 a year - I think :D

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