BankWest Telenet Saver: 7.50% Variable introductory rate for 12 months

18 February 2008

BankWest still has [one of] Australia's highest 12 month variable intro rate savings account, at a whopping 7.50%p.a..

Absolutely no fees
No minimum deposit
Access your account 24/7 via Online Banking
Go to rate of 7.00%p.a. after 12 months

This rate is only available to customers who open a new TeleNet Saver account, or who have held one for less than 12 months. Customers who have closed their Telenet Saver account within 12 months of opening it are NOT eligible for the higher interest rate.

The BankWest Telenet Saver is linked to an everyday account with most institutions. This includes both BankWest every day accounts and the majority of other financial institutions.

Any questions regarding this deal will be answered here.

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  • nod
    Great to see all the bank are rallying to give us good interest rates :w00t:
  • leny
    It is very nice indeed. :D
  • nod
    counteract the rather nasty increase in the home loan rates :(

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