Bahco S4RM3T spanner set + 26 piece ratchet & bit set - $129 from Transquip Direct + cashback

9 November 2009

One for the bloke in you. Transquip often seem to have some fairly good prices but they're hard to compare as online tool stores arent popular.

Bahco make good tools and the combo in this set would have to be the most commonly used of the tools I have. Having bought plenty of crap tools I now reckon its worth paying the money for good ones.

Cashback will knock the price down to about $125 ($3.98 in cashback) and shipping is $9.99

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  • melissanj
    One for the bloke in you. ......HAHAHA
  • admin EDITOR
    One for the bloke in you. ......HAHAHA
    You too can be an honorary bloke.... a workers crack and a big Bahco tool will help.

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