Australia Post - Post Christmas Sale

3 January 2008

Australia post again has the post christmas sale on with book packs, gifts etc all prices to clear.

I bought

a large floor puzzle for $6.95 usually $9.95
set of cockies small childrens books for $2.00 usually $3.95
a Dora money box $2 usually $3.95

I also have my eye on some torches they have but didn't have the money this week....but was a heap so should be able to get them next week ;)

There were things like telescopes, writting sets, games packs, gardening packs, scrapbooking kits etc etc

Well worth a look :)

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  • nod
    I have picked up some really well priced book sets from Aust post for my sis's kids The items they have in the post office actually surprise me cos they are usually quite good
  • Smarmie
    I agree Nod. Surprisingly great stuff...who would have thought you could go pressie shopping at the Post Office!! The kids book sets are always great - if you have young kids check out the Pamela Allen collections. :)
  • Keeys
    I'm hoping to chek out PO elsewhere next week my local doesn't have the P. Allen ones left nor the SPOT ones, hope there are some in the next town ;)

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