Arrested Development Season 1-3 DVD Box Set is $26.50 posted @ Zavvi

28 May 2013

Zavvi has Arrested Development Season 1-3 DVD box set for $26.50 posted to Australia. It’s a great price as just Season 1 on DVD will cost you $27.99 excluding shipping on JB HiFi. This Season 1-3 box set is available at Atomic Movies for $58.57 and $50.60 at Dirt Done Cheap DVD, both prices exclude postage.

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  • pjau
    They made a season 4 now!
  • admin EDITOR
    Someone has been trying to get me to watch this. Is it any good?
  • MissSparrow
    yup season 4 has just premiered! Its one of those shows you either love or loathe...absolutely no middle ground haha.
  • pjau
    I loved it, and I know loads of people that also love it, its worth the watch.
  • admin EDITOR
    I'll give it a whirl then

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