Amazon has George Foreman 18603 Grill and Griddle for $101.40 shipped

17 May 2013

This George Foreman 18603 Grill and Griddle is $101.40 inclusive of shipping at Amazon.
I checked out the price at a number of different sites and this seems to be the best deal. I found it at Price Pirate for $109 with free shipping and it is listed on eBay for $71.75 but with shipping charges of $93.64.

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  • wfdTamar
    Surely that would be 110 volt so not suitable for Australia?
  • stevehl
    The European version of electricity is generally supplied at 220 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz. Officially it is 230 volts plus or minus 10%. Any device rated between 200 volts and 250 volts works fine. Appliances from UK/Europe use a different plug but will work in Australia. You have 2 options: use an adapter plug or get your electrician to cut off the plug and rewire an Australian plug.
    Edited By: stevehl on 2013/05/18 11:32:28: edit
  • wfdTamar
    I presumed it was Amazon US :-)

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