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8 March 2008

I'll cycle this every once in a while because its important that those of you who use the site via the RSS feed know that your only seeing a portion of the deals that go through the site - and of course there's the off deals forum competitions that you miss out on like the 1.75 kg's of jelly beans that we just gave away (

The only stuff your seeing on RSS are deals that have reached the threshold temperature to appear on the main deals page ( The stuff on that page starts its life out as a thread in our forum section ( where there's lots of information, banter and other deals posted.

You also need to know that the screamer bargains that people find like lilpretzels $1 accommodation ( can often go very very fast and by the time you see it on RSS - its probably gone. Even though that pricing mistake wasn't honored it may well have been and it was booked up within about 1/2 hour of being posted.

Last thing - might as well keep blabbing while I'm on a roll - there's stuff in the forums on additional functionality that we keep adding, like the new merchant statistics that tell you the speed and reliability of each merchant in respect of how fast they report the cashback on your transaction and approximately how long you might expect to wait for your payment (

So anyway - enjoy buckscoop.

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  • lilpretzel
    Just in case you don't know where to find the RSS Button.

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