Aldi - Lumina 165L Upright Freezer $299

6 March 2008

On sale from next Thursday 13th March is a Lumina 165L Upright Freezer for $299. Need to be in quick as only while stocks last.
Has plastic freezer drawers, recessed handle, adjustable thermostat, reversible door, mechanical temperature control, and energy consumption 350 kWh per year .
Dimensions: 143(H) x 55(W) x 58cm(D)

Most other model freezers of this size appear to be at least twice this price if not a lot dearer, so if you like buying things in bulk or when they are on special to save money this looks like an excellent buy.

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    makes me wonder what the difference is in KWH consumption between something like this and the other models. Where's google....
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    Ha - some interesting reading ]here although pretty dated. "The refrigerator is the single biggest power consumer in many households. A typical refrigerator uses between 600 and 900 kilowatt hours per year, although an efficient one will use somewhat less (depending on the size). Refrigerators and freezers typically make up over 20% of total residential electricity consumption. Nearly all households have at least one refrigerator and about 30% own two. Nearly 60% of households own a separate freezer." "Chest freezers have a top opening lid and are generally more economical to run (compared to vertical freezers) as they hold cold air more efficiently and tend to have thicker insulation and lower heat gain around the lid, but they are less convenient to use."
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    The 2003L Lumina upright 352KwH (not the same as this one but indicative) got a 4 star rating and the 10yr power consumption cost was $528 @ a rate of 15c per KwH. This page is not bad - you can punch in your electricity rate and it tells you the 10yr (or less) cost. So a 6 star rated freezer of will cost you $38 in electricity per year while a similar 4 star one to the luminarc above will cost you $52.

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