Aldi - Gardenline Petrol Chainsaw $129

12 August 2008

From this Thursday Aldi have this Petrol Chainsaw for $129 for my 'weightlifting friend' (Bubbleman) to cut down the opposition or cause a 'massacre' at the Olympics!
1 Year warranty.

* 37cc, 2-stroke air cooling single cylinder engine
* Power output: 1200W (idle)
* Bar length: 405mm
* 25:1 fuel ratio
* Lightweight design for easy control and manoeuvrability.

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  • golfwidow
    Just throwing some weight around in your thread :D
  • queenshrew
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre? lol ETA: My new best friend likes your deal and she went out and bought one, so she wants to show you she throws her support here! heeheeheee soz..couldn't resist :D
  • craftykiwi
    I'm not sure if either your 'sister' golfy or 'new best friend' queenshrew would eb a fair match for my 'friend' but feel free to throw your weight around if you choose. And glad your friend liked my deal queenshrew!
  • craftykiwi
    Thought this was a very apt deal for both my 'friend' and my hubby after a tree fell on him last week. He was trying to removed some dead branches when the base cracked and came tumbling down. (He's reasonably strong but no weightlifter of body builder!) Luckily he wasn't too badly injured - just 3 stitches on top which were removed yesterday- but he's juts noticed a tree in our driveway and wants to remove that because it's interferring with the driveway concrete and fence but I shudder to think what my happen without something like this tool!
  • queenshrew
    My new best friend thinks her new chainsaw is amazing. She's now inspired and using it as a prop for the audition of a bit part in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre VI -- coming soon to a cinema near you! She wants to know if your bubbleman here found something sexy at the Victoria's Secret Bikini Sale. Maybe a g-string?
  • admin EDITOR
    Are those two pictures real ??? I can imagine the girl is but that bloke..... jeeze

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