Aldi - 3 Padded Satin Coat Hangers $1.99

8 July 2008

We have recently started replacing all our wire coathangers with plastic, wooden or these padded fabric hangers after the others either rust or leave horrible lines on your clothes.
Or you can hang your more delicate garments on these padded satin coat hangers.

3 pack, available in assorted colours with colour-matched hook.

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  • nod
    This is a great price really. No interest in having satin hangers but hey .. still a hot vote for the bargain :D
  • craftykiwi
    I'm not really into satin either but since at our house since no-one really sees them thought it'd help get away from the wire ones we had up til now. Bought some plastic ones but they can be kind of flimsy for heavier garments, and the wooden ones can be a bit too heavy. So thought some sort of fabric/padded ones would do the trick and at that price seemed like a bargain. Used to laugh when we put them on our stall at the school fete wondering why some of the teachers snapped them up quick and now I know.
  • nod
    Me too :D The old lace/satin coathangers. My nan used to crochet them too .. had them for years :o

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