ACA Fuel Fightback 99c per litre Petrol stations. Started today

24 October 2008

If you are in want of some cheap petrol and think you can handle the happy hour bedlam then keep an eye on the link for this deal
We have missed this mornings offering I am afraid but it is an ongoing offer
It was only available in Melb, Syd and Brissie so I hope the include other areas in the future

" There is no limit, and it's on a strictly first come first served basis. "

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  • golfwidow
    Great to see them fighting back!
  • fairybelle
    woner if any of the pertol stations on the north shore will do it? Blacktown is a HUGE hike for me to save a few $$$
  • Bullion78
    Gotta say I couldnt give a fat rats about this one, Put petrol to $5 a litre I say. Only then may we see our obese nation of people getting out of the luxurious confines of their car and onto a bike or public transport. Cars a vermon.
  • rickb
    Just a cheap publicity stunt for the Today Show and ACA to get their ratings. The petrol station owners will take a financial beating and it will not make one difference in the price of petrol elsewhere. You want to drive to the other side of town and queue up for 2 hours?

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