AAMI Insurance - Swap your CTP to AAMI and Receive a $25 Fuel Voucher

22 July 2009

Thanks to vscomgirl for the original post :)

"I got this from another site call Aami on 132244 and change your compulsory CTP insurance to them and they will send out a $25 fuel voucher per vehicle transfered, make sure you mention the fuel card just to be sure. I know its valid for QLD but should work for other states where you can choose your CTP insurer."

No idea when this deal finishes, sorry.

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  • admin EDITOR
    You'd want to do a bit of investigation to make sure that the new policy wasnt costing you more or giving you less.
  • golfwidow
    Remember in NSW this is a great place to compare your Greenslip costs ]Greenslip Price Comparison
  • vscomgirl
    I received my $50 in fuel cards, aami was the same price as my previous CTP insurer

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