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6 August 2008

This information has been posted around the forum in many shapes and forms but I have decided to stick it up in the Hot Deals section

Please have a read and post any questions below

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  • nod
    [SIZE=2]A big Thank you to Jayne for her huge contribution to this thread [/SIZE] This is a brief guide for newcomers. It is designed to help you learn a bit more about how your Buckscoop forum works. You can also find more information in the BuckScoop ]help section. [SIZE=5] What is BuckScoop?[/SIZE] BuckScoop is an Australian online community providing a combination cashback site and deals forum. The forum is a place for people to share bargains. Bargains they have found and wish to share with others, or simply, bargains they wish to find! The cashback aspect is essentially a cooperative. Buckscoop collects referral commissions from online merchants and passes them all on to our members. The Buckscoop cooperative is a cashback revolution where members get cold hard cash each time they make a purchase through one of the Buckscoop merchants. [SIZE=5] Who can use BuckScoop?[/SIZE] Anyone can use BuckScoop. It is free to join and MOST importantly free to use. There are no annual fees or charges. We are also ad-free and spam-free. Only Australian residents who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to open Buckscoop accounts. We allow only one account per person, and multiple people may not use the same account. This does lead us into a few rules that we have set up for forum usage with regards to merchants and self promotion. [SIZE=3]Merchants are not allowed to submit their own deals, or carry out "sales talk" in any threads[/SIZE]. However, they are encouraged to respond to queries in threads about their own business, although this will be closely monitored by admin and moderators. We ask that merchants are up front and honest about their identity. Any posts we consider to be viral marketing will be removed. Members are not permitted to post personal referral links, or any third party affiliate links. Our experience shows that if we allow merchant deal postings, referral links or viral marketing, the objectivity of the forum is lost. The forum is no longer controlled by the consumer, i.e. you the Buckscoop member. [SIZE=5] How does the cashback work?[/SIZE] The first thing to understand is Cashback is not a guarantee .. but should be viewed as a bonus with your transaction Cashback is the term for the money that you may be eligible to receive for making purchases with merchants listed on Buckscoop. The process is all pretty simple but there are a few things to consider before you start to shop. We strongly recommend all new users have a read ]here when you sign up and before you start shopping. We want to be able to pay you your cashback but you need to ensure your computer and purchasing practice is set up correctly. The easiest way to explain the cashback is to start with an example. Let us take ]Deals Direct When you make a purchase with this merchant you are eligible to receive a minimum of 4.5% cashback. So… You make a purchase of $100 at Deals Direct The value of $100 is EXCLUDING GST and EXCLUDING ALL delivery/handling fees Your calculated cashback = a minimum of $4.50 [SIZE=5]In point form here are a few things to keep in mind:[/SIZE] 1. You must be a member of Buckscoop and logged in at the time of purchase to receive cashback 2. All transactions should appear in your ]earnings section. This can take 2-4 weeks depending on the merchant and type of transaction 3. All transactions must be completed in one sitting i.e. Please do not click away from the merchants site once you have clicked through from Buckscoop. Visiting any other site during the transaction process may interfere with the tracking of your cashback. 4. We strongly recommend that you clear your cookie cache before clicking through a Buckscoop link. This will greatly reduce the risk of untracked transactions 5. If your transaction has not appeared in your earnings within 2 weeks, we ask that you generate a ]ticket enquiry. The enquiries are processed and forwarded to the merchant concerned. Unfortunately, for various reasons, not all ticket enquiries will be honoured by merchants. DO NOT CONTACT THE MERCHANT DIRECTLY REGARDING YOUR BUCKSCOOP CASHBACK. THEY ARE UNABLE TO ASSISST YOU IN YOUR TRANSACTION ENQUIRIES DIRECTLY 6. Please make sure that the value of the transaction you provide in your transaction enquiry is minus GST, delivery fees and any gift or store credit vouchers used. Some merchants will not honour cashback if a gift voucher or store credit has been used to pay for your transaction. ALL merchants will not pay cashback on the portion of the sale paid for by gift vouchers or store credit. 7. Cashback is not available when you purchase a gift certificate. Cashback is very often not available when you use a discount code with your purchase 8. Please be aware that many merchants will not honour cashback when a purchase has been made using a discount code. Some codes result in the cashback being attributed to another site/merchant. We are unable to pay you Buckscoop cashback in these cases. When we know of such cases, we do let you know. However, please be aware that merchants policies do change without warning. 9. Please be aware that payment of the cashback takes 2-3 months. Your payment occurs as soon as funds have been received from the merchant. 10. Payment of your cashback can be via either Paypal or direct transfer into your bank account.We provide more information in our ]Payments help section. Please ensure that you set up your Paypal account or provide your bank details when you join Buckscoop. This can be added under your ]settings 11. Before you make a purchase it is always a good idea to clear your cookie cache. This removes the chance of another cookie interfering with your transaction tracking. 12. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL TICKET ENQUIRIES MUST BE SENT TO THE MERCHANT CONCERNED WITHIN THREE MONTHS OF THE TRANSACTION DATE. THIS MEANS THAT YOU MUST RAISE AN EARNINGS ENQUIRY TICKET AND PROVIDE ALL THE NECESSARY INFORMATION TO ENABLE US TO SEND THE ENQUIRY OFF TO THE MERCHANT FOR INVESTIGATION WITHIN 3 MONTHS OF YOUR TRANSACTION DATE. Merchants will not investigate transactions that are over 3 months (12 weeks) old. Click ]here to lodge a transaction enquiry 13. Please be aware that merchants will also NOT investigate any missing transactions that have a cashback value of less than $1 AUD [SIZE=5] Cashback Tabs[/SIZE] Here you will find ALL your cashback merchants listed on Buckscoop. Click on the tab to search the merchants using the menu on the left hand side: http://buckscooper.googlepages.com/Picture32.png or using these tabs: http://buckscooper.googlepages.com/Picture33.png
  • nod
    [SIZE=5] The Deals Tab:[/SIZE] We have put together a new and improved filtering system for your deals. When you click on this tab you will see all the latest deals that have been posted to the forum. The deals appear in chronological order. You can then you the filter the deals if you have something more specific in mind Using the search toolbar: http://buckscooper.googlepages.com/Picture39.png [SIZE="5"]Vouchers Tab:[/SIZE] Click on this tab and up will pop the complete list of discount codes and vouchers we have available on the site. You can use the same filter system detailed above under the ‘Deals Tab’ to filter your vouchers and narrow down your search. If you find that any of the vouchers are not working for you please post a comment so that we can expire the offer and keep our voucher listing up to date. [SIZE="5"]Contests and Freebies Tab:[/SIZE] When you click on either of these tabs you will find a full list of all the contests and freebies available on the site. The filter system detailed under the 'Deal tab' also applies to these pages and can allow you to narrow down your search [SIZE="5"] Voting for deals[/SIZE] Once you are registered on BuckScoop, you have the ability to vote on deals, to offer your opinion. This is simply done by clicking either cold, warm or hot on a particular deal. At first, you should see something like this: http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/1656/votems9.jpg Once you click one of the buttons, the whole scale will "grey" out and you should see a change in the temperature, like this: http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/7957/vote2nt5.jpg If you do not notice that they gauge has greyed out but there has been no change in the temperature, do not worry, this is not an error. Newcomers to the forum do not have a very high vote "power", but this increases over time using factors such as post count and time registered. However, the biggest factor for vote power is the average temperature of the deals you have submitted yourself. So if you want to have a larger impact voting for deals, your best bet is to start posting your own hot deals, and the hotter they are voted, the more impact you will have when voting. :) You are free to vote cold or hot, whichever you choose. Buckscoop is a democracy. However, if voting cold, it is good forum etiquette to put a brief reason in the thread as to why. For example, if you feel that it is not a good deal, and you have found the same model elsewhere at a cheaper price. Please do not just vote cold. Adding a brief comment explaining your vote, and if possible, a link to the better deal, helps us all. There are several other valid reasons for cold voting, but a brief explanation is a courtesy to the original poster, who may have no idea why their offering has been voted cold, and is left feeling confused and bewildered.
  • nod
    [SIZE=5] Buttons on posts [/SIZE]There are a few other buttons on deal posts which may need a brief explanation. http://buckscooper.googlepages.com/Picture37.png There are a few other buttons on deal posts which may need a brief explanation. * Share* - Using the Share button allows you to post your fav deals direct to your Facebook, Twitter or Digg page. You can also chose to send your deal over to Del.icio.us, Stumbleupon or Technorati. Spread the word when you find a good deal If you wish to spread the word a bit wider then if you doubled click the 'share' button, a new window will load that lists about 20 social media sites. Simply click on the site icon you wish to use * Email deal * - This simply emails the deal to the recipient of your choice. This is a one-off email and we will never contact this address again, it is not stored in any way. * Mark expired* - It really helps if you can utilise these buttons in the course of your general forum usage. If a deal is no longer active, please click this button. When you click the button it counts as a vote and when enough members vote EXPIRED then the deal is marked as expired. EXPIRED will then automatically show in its title and it will drop out of the active deals list. Also, if it is a voucher it will no longer appear in the vouchers list. As your forum reputation grows, your power in the use of these buttons also grows. * Mark spam* - Similar to the expired button, if enough members click this, the post will disappear. It is to be used for obvious spam posts, merchants self-promoting, duplicate deals. If you think that something needs spammed, it helps to put a brief comment in the replies to say why. For example, if something is definite spam, you might say, "Spam post, clicking the spam button, please click it if you read this"... that way the regular members will click it, and the post will disappear. * Edit deal * - You can edit any part of your own deals, by using this button. Also, you can click "edit deal" on other member's posts to add useful information, but you cannot edit their original text. This is a useful function if some extra information has come to light in follow up replies. However, please be sure to use this button with respect to the original poster. [SIZE=5] The Forums[/SIZE] Once you are in the forums, you will see a variety of boards: Hot deals, Find me a bargain, Freebies, Contests, Off on a tangent, Comments, For sale. Feel free to browse and see what happens in each. They are all open forums, meaning you can post in any of these. By far the busiest of these forums is the hot deals forum. You will see upper right in the grey tool bar of every forum the [SIZE=2]SEARCH THIS FORUM[/SIZE] This a very useful tool if you are looking for something in particular within that forum. You can also use the ] Advanced Search function. This allows you to narrow your search, as well as search several areas of the forum at once [SIZE=5] Buttons in forum posts[/SIZE] There are a few other buttons in the forum posts that may need an explanation. The most important is the report button, to the left. http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/images/buttons/report.gif If you click this, there is the option to write a brief message to admin and the moderators. This will automatically send an email, which marks this post for their attention. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. [SIZE=5] Adding images to forum posts[/SIZE] You can add an image to any of your forum posts. For example, if you are posting about a particular make or model of something, you can add an image too. Firstly, find the online image that you would like to show in your post. If you hover your mouse pointer over the image, right click it and you'll see either "Properties" in Internet Explorer or "Copy Image Location" in FireFox. If "Properties" in Internet Explorer, you'll need to highlight the image Address or URL completely and copy it by right clicking over it once it has all been highlighted. FireFox is easier, as you only need to click on "Copy Image Location". The image URLs usually end in .jpg or .gif. Then in the forum post, click the "add image" button, which looks like this: http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/images/editor/insertimage.gif. Paste the URL and click ok. The image should now be in your post. [SIZE=5] Customising your account[/SIZE] You can do a few things to customise your account and add a bit of colour to your Buckscoop alter ego. Account customisation can be done from your ]UserCp. For example, you can add an avatar, that's the little image underneath your username to the left hand side. Avatars help identify who is posting, and you can easily recognise forum buddies from their avatars. Avatars must be smaller than 80 by 80 pixels or 19.5 KB. If you are having any trouble with this, check out Brad's avatar guide ]here. You can also add a signature to your profile. This can really be anything you like. The only thing we ask is please do not include ANY business or referal links
  • nod
    [SIZE=5]Member Reputation[/SIZE] This is a new feature on Buckscoop and there are several posts around in the forum so I will simply link to them ... feel free to ask any questions ]Buckscoop Reputation and ]here :)
  • mouldgirl
    Is there a help thread for when you are submitting a ticket enquiry Nod?
  • lilpretzel
    http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee236/lilpretzel/Buckscoop/welcome-glitter.gif [FONT=Palatino Linotype] [SIZE=5] To All Our New Buckscoopers! [SIZE=3] Please have a read and if you need help just let us know! oh! Don't mind our "donkey" he just likes to party but is house trained :p http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee236/lilpretzel/Buckscoop/drunkdonkey.jpg[/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • Diego
    Thanks this has been very helpful :)
  • nod
    No worries Welcome to Buckscoop Diego :) If you ever have any questions, just ask
  • thanratt
    Hi Guys, I've recetly returned to Buckscoop after a while away. I posted a deal under tips then noticed it was posted elsewhere so I tried to remove the deal I'd posted. Best I could manage was to edit the post - how do I remove a duplicate deal ? Cheers
  • nod
    Hey Thanratt - welcome back Members can't actually delete threads (ie deals). You are able to delete posts. The best thing to do is edit the title and one of the mods will come along and remove it for you :)
  • nod
    Just removed it for you ;)
  • thanratt
    Great to be back Nod. Thanks for removing my deal.
  • Pample
    Hi all! As a fresh newbie buckscooper, I am really chuffed to find such a great resource here in Aus. I recently returned back from the UK where I loved a (sorry - UK only) money saving website aptly named money saving expert. When I looked for something similar back in Aus, people had set some up... BUT CHARGED YOU TO JOIN!!??!!?? How is that saving money?? So big well done to the guys & gals who dreamed this into interweb reality! I look forward to being able to find a deal fast enough to post first!! Jode
  • NoosieB
    Welcome to Buckscoop Pample. Good luck picking up some bargains, but even better - enjoy the cashback. :)

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