70% off Discontinued Freckles Designs @ Come Inside

15 April 2008

Final Clearance Of Discontinued Freckles Designs - 70% Off - limited stock - get in early!

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  • nod
    Thanks Golfy. These must have been popular cos a lot of the range is sold out already :( Did you manage to get anything Golfy?
  • Keeys
    This is when I'm SOOOOO glad I don't have girls ;) There stuff is REALLY nice a friend who has a little girl same age as my little man bought some recently for when she goes into a big bed. Well worth the money!!
  • Bowersnest
    just got the tea set ($35 before discount) as a bday present for my little girl - mostly using buckscoop cash back . Thanks guys. They have really gorgeous stuff.
  • admin EDITOR
    mostly using buckscoop cash back
    :D - good stuff.

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