7 piece Global knife set $219 at Peter's of Kensington

1 November 2007

This is a really good price for this knife set. You get 7 knives with a plastic/stainless knife block.
There are a number of different sets of knife blocks around at the moment but a comparable set is selling for $300+ elsewhere.
I don't think this will be around for long so I suggest you buy quick if you want one

What you get:
"# Set Contains: 8cm Peeling Knife.
# 11cm Utility Knife.
# 14cm Flexible Utility Knife.
# 11cm Kitchen Knife.
# 20cm Cooks Knife.
# 22cm Bread Knife.
# Knife Block."

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  • admin EDITOR
    Thats pretty good. A 3 peice with similar knives will cost you $212 and I've just priced up the peeler, cooks and small util knives and its $205 from one of the cheaper online retailers. Dont think much of the block but then you can always chuck it.

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