6c a litre off fuel at Coles Express

7 June 2007

This is not as good as the Woolies offer but still not bad.
First you need to spend $30 or more at Coles, BI-LO or Liquorland - all in one transaction. You get a 4c off fuel voucher on the docket. Then spend 2 bucks at a Coles Express shop and they give you another 2c off. Total 6c off a litre. Not bad!
But remember to justify the 2 bucks you need to be getting a 100 litres or more of fuel - so I would not recommend buying something extra JUST to get the 2c more. Buy something there that you were going to buy anyway and then it is good value.

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  • admin EDITOR
    nice little work up nod ..
  • nod
    Thanks Admin :o
  • Debz
    Fuel is getting so expensive, so anything that helps is great.
  • nod
    Maybe we should try to find bargains on a good bicycle and not cheap petrol. Probably more cost effective :D
  • lisss
    Thanks, we have a 4wd that takes 150L so this would save us :)
  • nod
    :eek: You need 4 bicycles then!!!
  • nod
    This offer has been extended until 1st August So more time to fill up :)
  • Netjock
    Nod, Not quite right... the $2 spent at coles express would have a value. ie. If you get a chocolate bar for $2 and it is usually $1 retail it means you are down $1 which means at 2c you need 50L of petrol. This is a guy with a car that only takes 30L of petrol speaking. Adds a new meaning to my 2c worth...
  • nod
    :D I guess my point is that I think buying the chocolate bar just for the petrol is not 'value'

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