6 Piece Large dog accessory set $19.95

28 November 2006

The delivery charge is $9 on this item which is a bit hefty but it still makes this set a reasonable deal. Especially when you consider dogs toys are about $5-10 each. Remember if you purchase more than one item from Dailydeals then they charge you the highest shipping value and then 50% of the other shipping prices.

And the reflective collars can be expensive and are a great idea.
Sorry no cashback with Dailydeals

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  • Gibbo
    so is this for a large dog or is it a 'large' dog set. What if you have a small dog ? :D
  • mouldgirl
    Cut the bowl and the toys in half :p Then you have two lots for the one dog
  • admin EDITOR
    :whistling: - trade it in on a small dog. Am sure we could find a small dog going out for a song.
  • nod
    :p I like the money saving of cutting it in half!
  • crusty
    bargain hunter extraordinare

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