$5 credit for new customers at Big W Photos

17 October 2007

Pricing from the site:

19c for 4x6s; $3.44 for 6x8s; $3.84 for 8x10s [many other options available]

Mouse Pad $19.95; Stubby Cooler $19.95; Coasters in Silver Case $34.95 etc

Postage & Handling

* $2.95 per order - for domestic delivery including prints only.
* $4.95 per order - for domestic delivery including any of the photo gift products.
* $8.95 per order - for international delivery including any of the photo gift products.
* In store pick up is Free - There are no Postage & Handling charges when you pick your order up from a store of your choice.

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  • nelly
    Thanx Scarletrubies. 19c each print is ok. Have about 300 that I had thought to print off. Needs another cull I think
  • Emma EDITOR
    I like the personalised stubby holder! You could get one for every member of the family with thier face on it!! http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/8743/giftstubby1b495afp7.png
  • nod
    :D I have to say I really don't get the personalised stubby holder And I am sure that this has been posted somewhere else in the forum. Let me see
  • nod
    ]here we go :)
  • ScarletRubies
    I didn't read the text, only the subject of that deal, sorry Nod - I assumed it was a different deal (and you know what they say about assuming...)
  • Keeys
    so while everyone is photo crazy after xmas this ones still valid also :)

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