$5 cashback on Solvol handwash at Coles - costs $4.70!

21 April 2007

I have never used this stuff but saw the mail in cashback form at Coles and of course I had to have a closer look.
The price for $4.70 was at my local Coles so not sure if it is the same all over Oz but the price can't vary that much and you will still get the handwash essentially for free!
And possibly make yourself 30c

You need to complete the form and mail it back
Offer ends 3rd June 2007

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  • Brad
    Great, Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for it when I next go to coles. :)
  • nod
    No problem Brad if you keep your eyes peeled you can actually find some good rebate offers in the supermarket. Sadly I try to run in and run out of the supermarket. I am praying for online orders to start in Perth :w00t: - Oz is a bit behind in that area. If anyone finds a good rebate offer or even a good buy in the supermarket be sure to pop it up in the forum. The more deals the merrier :)

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