$447 for a Whirlpool Fridge WRI27VWB 2070 litre fridge from Appliances Online

17 January 2013

The price is currently $585 and wont drop to $447 until this Monday. At $585 its not a bargain, At $447 its a lot closer.

Its not the best in terms of energy efficiency being 2 stars but would be good as a secondary fridge where its not being used heavily and the door isnt constantly being opened causing it to cycle often.

Delivery charges will vary but should come in at around $70 to metro areas.

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  • odysseus
    2070 litres.... wow, that must be a massive fridge! :-)
  • admin EDITOR
    Probably why it only gets a 2 star energy rating.... :D
    Edited By: Donkey on 2013/01/18 15:28:41: d

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