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9 April 2010

Lets end the work week with something very special: Northern Light Cathedral & Wizard candles at 40% OFF ... reducing them from think-twice $60 to only $36 plus GST.

Northern Light Candles are made in Australia from the purest organic beeswax. No paraffin or petroleum derived products or chemicals. Produced without harm to bee, environment or person by Jeffrey and his busy team on the North Coast of New South Wales. And let's not forget the bees. This from Jeffrey: "We have over 60 billion bees helping us achieve this miracle."

We sell a range of these magical candles at REMO, including (for true afficianados) two magnificent specimens, both handmade by the artisans at Northern Light: the impressive Cathedral and the elegant Wizard ... both with burn times of 100+ hours.

We have only 48 Cathedrals (very slightly marked) and 12 Wizards available at this extraordinarily reduced price, so be quick

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  • wfdTamar
    Overpriced tat to support 'Jeffrey and his team' in the style to which they have become accustomed in northern NSW. Halve the price again then maybe you're approaching a sensible price. (The link logs into your account fairybelle.)

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