40-60% off sale at Adairs

26 June 2007

I have been wanting to get some new Sheridan sheets for a while and just seen that they are on sale at Adairs.com.au
Got my eye on the one pictured and its now 40% off saving me $100 on the quilt cover
Not bad at all

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  • admin EDITOR
    if your a hard core sheet shopper then join the adair linen lovers club for 10% off full price merchandise and an additional 5% off on the sale items.
  • admin EDITOR
    by the way - I suspect this is a perma sale, so I suspect there's no rush needed to get a bargain... they'll still be there next month :D
  • elegantegotist
    I love sheridan bed linen. It's so nice.
  • admin EDITOR
    good bed linen is worth the money. We've had a couple of sets of the good country road stuff - and its about time to go get some more....
  • Emma EDITOR
    Cheap stuff just goes fluffy and bally after a few washes. Love the good stuff!

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