4 Month Trial Subscription to Choice Magazine - $4

9 February 2009

Cancel at any time and you won't be billed from then onwards...

You also receive:
-Access to Choice Shopper
-Discounts on Choice products
-Consumer phone advice

Call 1800 069 552 9am-5pm Sydney time, Mon to Fri with your credit card handy!

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  • queenshrew
    Great site! Thanks for this, lisss. We did subscribe for about a year.. and were really pleased with what we had access to..
  • admin EDITOR
    Intrigues me how Choice can manage to on one hand be a commercial un-government funded organisation while on the other be truly representative of the consumer. I'm not saying they arent - its just something I wonder about given that by the nature of becoming a larger and larger organisation the further from the idealistic grass roots origin (in this case a 1959 one) you get.
  • lilpretzel
    Another way as kindly uploaded by our member ]rickb ]http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee236/lilpretzel/Buckscoop/choice4vv6-1.jpg Click To Print Out.
    There are no start or end dates from what I can see on the voucher so I'm not sure what the deal is here. I have just faxed my voucher and hoping to get a confirmation soon. To subscribe you must complete the form and send by fax or pre-paid post, or call 1800 069 552. The prepaid address is: Choice Magazine Reply Paid 63261, Marrickville, NSW, 2204
  • golfwidow
    Thank you :)
  • meganpepi
    I just rang Choice & gave them my credit card details. I was then told I'd receive the first magazine in about a week's time. I was hoping to have access to Choice's online site but I guess you can't have everything.
  • MamaK
    what does the access to choice shopper mean then? I assumed that would be the online access
  • lisss
    Another way as kindly uploaded by our member ]rickb [/URL]
    Reason I didn't add that is because it's taken from another poster on another forum (unless rickb is that member who uploaded it there) and I wasnt sure Buckscoop would like that, but obviously its ok?
  • MamaK
    this is still valid, I just signed up :)

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