$36 cashback, 10% off petrol for 3 months: BP-Citibank creditcard

8 May 2008

Usually you get 5%, however with the first 3 months Citibank offer 10%

Drive your savings further with a credit card that gives you automatic savings on everything you buy. With the BP-Citibank MasterCard the money you save is simply credited to your account. Apply for a BP-Citibank MasterCard before June 30, 2008:

10% off your petrol and everything else you buy at BP for three months. After the 3 months you'll continue to save 5% off everything at BP.

1% off everything else you buy anywhere

2.9% for 12 months on balances transferred* "

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  • nod
    Thanks Wheadle. The thing to do with these cards is use them for everything and nice big purchases. Then the 1% you get back actually means something :)
  • lilpretzel
    Just a few things to note: Fees and charges apply. Subject to your acceptance you will be billed an annual account fee which is currently $79 for the Primary BP-Citibank MasterCard, and $30 for an Additional BP-Citibank MasterCard. The cash back rebate at BP is limited per account to the first $300 you spend at participating outlets each Statement period. Offer valid for all applications approved before 30 June 2008. Currently 19.89% p.a, which is variable, subject to change and Citibank credit criteria. Interest rates last updated 27/03/2008.
  • scheps
    the site is down at the moment. hope the cash back works well ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    loading for me scheps.
  • nod
    I guess if you can manage to use the card a lot and get your max $300 + $36 cashback then the $79 is not too bad. Plus of course you would try to use the 10% off fuel to the max :)
  • scheps
    oh sorry admin, what i meant was, after you click the go to deal, a screen comes up, then you click apply and another screen comes up then you click continue after you ahve selelcted how many products you buy at bp or somethign then it tells you to call the bank to apply, so i guess no cash back :(. Also theres this thing for bp staff you get 39 $ off the annual fee.
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks scheps.
  • ozpete
    This deal isnt expired - maybe the cashback part is but the 10% and staff/friends offering still applies (Staff price = the same as the cashback value)
  • nod
    all seems a bit odd - emailed and shall wait and see what Citibank have to say

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