34c off a litre for fuel at Coles Express

20 March 2007

I am no expert on the cost of tyres. I have bought from Kmart before and found their prices ok. I found in the back of the new Kmart catalogeu that if you buy 2 goodyear or dunlop tyres you can get 30c per litre off your fuel at Coles Express Servos.
To get the 34c you need to buy some groceries (+$30) at Coles.
If you buy 4 tyres you only get 2 lots of the voucher, not 64c off. They only let you use ti for one purchase up to 150litres. Now all I need to do is work out how to increase the size of my fuel tank ;-)

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  • admin EDITOR
    mouldgirl - it would be worth cross posting this deal to ]this thread as well.
  • schlemster
    just ahd a look for ya mouldgirl and the price on those tyres aint bad. and the 34c off petrol always goes down a treat. i too am looking into getting another tank soldered underneath the car. gonna try tog et 2x 150L :o
  • admin EDITOR
    This was a nice little saving. Shame its finished.

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