$300 BUCKSCOOP APRIL GIVEAWAY .... Starts 9am EST Thursday 13th April

3 April 2012

Buckscoop management have tucked into their Easter eggs early and are running on a sugar high.
We are giving away $300 cold hard cash in the month of April!

$$$ There are 2 ways you can get your hands on the cash:

*** 1.
We are giving Buckscoopers the chance to win $50 each week in April (total 4 weeks).
To be in the running to win the weekly prize all you need to do is write up ONE Piping Hot Deal AND post FIVE comments in the forum for that week. Pretty easy huh?
(We do have some T&C's so have a read below)

*** 2.
We are wanting to see a little bit of creativity in the forum while of course keeping our nose firmly on the hunt for great deals .... so we have $100 for one member to win in April.
We are going to shortlist the 10 members with the highest temp deals for the month of April and then judge them on originality, and the best deal write up.
What we are looking for is a great product deal with maybe a discount code thrown in and/or Buckscoop cashback as an additional sweetener.
To give you an example: Product X was $400 , NOW $50 with free shipping discount code Y and of course 3% Buckscoop cashback .. now that would be a great deal hey?

Weekly comps: Thurs 5th to 12th, Friday 13th to Thurs 19th, Friday 20th to Thurs 28th, AND Thurs 29th to Thurs 3rd May.

The weekly $50 winners will be announced on Fridays. So winners will be announced on:
Friday 13th April, Friday 20th April, Friday 27th of April and Friday 4th May.
Cash winnings will go into your nominated Paypal or Bank account.

The winner of the $100 prize will be announced on FRIDAY 4TH MAY.
The competition will CLOSE MIDNIGHT EST THURSDAY 3RD MAY 2012.

--- Here are some terms and conditions:
1. To be eligible for the $50 weekly prize you MUST post up one hot deal and 5 comments in the forum. We ask that the comments are relevant to the thread in which they are posted.
2. The hot deal CAN NOT be an X merchant is having a sale - that is not a hot deal
3. At the end of the month of April we will short list the 10 members that have posted the hottest deals for that month (NOT the 10 hottest deals - one entry per member only). The winner will then be picked at the discretion of all Buckscoop staff. Yep this is subjective. No we dont take bribes.
4. Please do not vote for your own deals. We can check this out.

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  • nod
    Good Luck all with the competition. If you have any questions please post them here. Comp is open to all new members as well. If you need some help posting up your deals, have a read of this ]HELP page
  • admin EDITOR
    Easy money huh...
  • nod
    Well looks like there are a quite a few Buckscoopers up for the challenge which is great. Remember that 'X merchant is having a sale' is not eligible for the comp. You need to work a bit harder than that! Good luck and keep deal hunting
  • Bargrin
  • nod
    Thanks Bargrin We still have a few more days for the first weeks winners :)
  • nod
    Only a few more hours to get your first weeks entry in :)
  • merissadavid
    Hi there Nod! Thanks for a great competition. Guess you gotta keep up with other bargain websites that regularly offer weekly prize money for bargain hunters! Question though, the rules mention that winners will be announced but doesn't say how - will they be notified by email, or just posted on Buckscoop and if so where? Many thanks.
  • nod
    Hi there The winner will be posted up here in a about 20 mins :) I will also email the winner
  • nod
    Ok random selector done and the winner of our first $50 prize is ..... Lisss I will send an email now. Can you get back to me ASAP Congrats Lisss. Another winner announced next friday
  • nod
    And our new weekly winner is ..... Merissadavid Congratulations :) REMEMBER THE COMMENTS PEOPLE ... you must complete them to win
  • jonas
    I was a bit sad to see the other giveaway dissapear but have my fingers crossed for this one! Good on you mods for keeping this going :)
  • nod
    New winner to be announced soon
  • nod
    And the latest winner ..... Normie :)
  • nod
    And our last weeks winner is Tanweiturk :) Congrats! We are still deliberating on the main $100 prize for the month .. winner will be announced tomorrow
  • nod
    And the winner of the $100 is Lisss :) with her ]Vodafone deal. I could also not go past this very good deal from Kazyazy ... her ]'Buck Scoop' So I am going to give away an extra $30 for imagination :D Congrats to all those that took part. We are going to have a new comp very soon. Have a nice weekend
  • kazyazy
    Congrats to all the winners :D Thank you so much for my prize Nod and buckscoop :D
  • normie
    And the latest winner ..... Normie :)
    Thanks Nod and the Buckscoop Team. :)

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