30% off everything storewide from 22 to 25 nov (including sale items) @FootLocker

16 November 2007

Just in time for Xmas: 30% off everything storewide from 22 to 25 nov @FootLocker when you present the voucher attached.

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  • nod
    Hot vote from me :) http://www.buckscoop.com.au/visit/3534/9208/deal/ Very nice indeed
  • wheadle
    Great find cheers
  • Smarmie
    LOVE this deal - will be heading in with my voucher this weekend!! :D
  • admin EDITOR
    whats the voucher smarmy ? A big one ?
  • nod
    whats the voucher smarmy ? A big one ?
    LOL you need to take the voucher with you to get the discount Admin :D I think we need to change your avatar :D
  • geo78
    don't forget: from tomorrow you can take the voucher in store for 30% everything...enjoy! :)
  • cheekykids
    Foot Lockers suck! They had these tshirts at $50 for 2 (originally $29.95 each shirt). I took the 2 shirts to the counter with the voucher and they said no, I couldn't get the 30% discount. I pointed out to them the voucher says "30% off storewide (including sale items)" and they said the tshirts were promotion, not sale, and that promotion and sale were different! What a load of crock! They even said there was another portion underneath the voucher which explains it. They clearly just didn't want to honour the discount!
  • Keeys
    I had a similar issue with footlocker a few years back so seems they haven't changed :(

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