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11 November 2007

girl's handbag is a testament to the old scouting motto be prepared there's not too much that can happen that she's not ready for. Cosmetically anyway. But what do you do about the more industrial jobs? There are not too many self-respecting gals who want to go down the damsel in distress path.

A guy would probably just whip out his multi-purpose, all in one tool and get it sorted. Now you can too! With your Multi-tool Nail File! Forget the bulky, blokey, cumbersome contraption males seem to find necessary to carry (perhaps they're compensating for something). This is a triumph of both function and fashion!

This compact piece of feminine hardware just 5cm when folded - contains a pair of small stainless steel pliers - perfect for tightening jewellery links and screws on sunglasses (not to mention fixin' a fence), they also include wire cutting jaws PLUS a neat folding handle, which when opened, reveals the other genious tools. There's a knife, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers and a nail file. And let's not forget the matching pink slipcase with belt loop! It's very Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde!

The Multi-tool Nail File helps you stay independent and in control. Of course, be very careful when there are other guys and gals around. You don't want to cramp another gal's style, if she's playing the damsel card. (You've got to know when to hold it and when to unfold it!)

The Multi-tool Nail file has the title of the perfect girlfriend gift nailed...and screwed, and cut and tightened!

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  • Emma EDITOR
    I've put an image in for your dStore deals fairy :) - this looks quite dangerous!

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