$229 GPS Navigation system @ Aldi - start 29/11

21 November 2007

$229 GPS Navigation system @ Aldi from 29/11

3.5'' touch screen
SIRF STAR III receiver
Samsung 400 MHz processor for faster route calculation
MP3/MP4 player
Picture viewer
2D or 3D maps
Latest Sensis 'Where Is' software
Red light camera, school zone and fixed speed camera warnings
Includes windscreen mount, AC and DC charger, USB cable and carry case

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  • geo78
  • nod
    Pretty cheap little GPS there Geo78. Know anything about the brand? The good news is you get a 1 year warranty - is that in Oz??
  • admin EDITOR
    not sure I'm sold on cheap is good when it comes to things like a GPS. Aparently Tevion is part of Medion - who make piles and piles of low end electronics for the big supermarket chains. I imagine buying one would be a 50/50 thing.
  • geo78
    the warranty i guess is only in Australia...i cannot say anything about the brand since i don't own any tevion products...there are both good and bad reviews on the net about it, so...don't know :) but the price looks very good and i don't think aldi will sell it if it was crap...
  • nod
    It does have the latest Senis software, which is pretty important in the GPS game I guess. What would you pay for an equivalent name brand? Any ideas Geo78?
  • ScarletRubies
    It does have the latest Senis software,
    Senis is NOT what I saw on first reading.
  • nod
    Latest Sensis 'Where Is' software
    Listed in the OP :)

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